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Welcome to BNI Sussex Subs

BNIThe quick and easy way to find a substitute!

This web site is for the exclusive use of current BNI members. You must register to enable access beyond this point.

Members are required to be present at their chapter every week or be represented by a substitute. Ideally the substitute should be a member of your company, a client or family member.

As a last resort, it is permissible to use a BNI member from another BNI Chapter to represent you.

The purpose of this site is twofold:

a) For you to register as a member who is willing to represent others in their chapter.

b) To search for a suitable BNI member to represent you on the occasion you cannot attend in person.

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To register

a) Click 'Register' and enter details as appropriate

b) Once registered you will receive an email authorising you to access the site. This may take up to 48 hours.

c) When you access the site for the first time, please click on 'My Profile' and enter further details, especially chapters you are prepared to substitute in.


You can now add your 60 seconds to this site so there's no need to email it to your sub. Simply add it to your profile, then other members can view it in a print-friendly format.